Don’t worry – it’ll get worse!

Don’t worry – it’ll get worse!

I know, you’re like, “huh, what?” I thought you were going to encourage me, not tell me things are going to get worse!

Stay with me, here.

Yes, things will get worse – but also better!

When it comes to our society, it’s a hope that lies within me that things will be getting better. There is a small spark of hope that the next election will bring with it a president who will support and openly and publicly proclaim truth, godly values and real freedom.

There’s a glimmer in my eye that God’s people will finally get off their fluffy couches and duffs, and actually be vocally, publicly loud about morality and values.

But….. unfortunately, I really don’t think either of those are going to happen.

“So, what then?” you may ask. As someone who has been used for years in God’s ministry, helped many souls get on or stay on the right path – someone who’s been healed, anointed to preach, teach and minister – I can safely say… “I dunno!” \o/

But don’t get discouraged. That’s where God comes in. (Hint: that’s where He usually likes to make His entrance.) While we see things bleak, and full of plight, God in His infinite knowledge sees the ending from the beginning. He knows that in the end – we as God’s people will actually win. But before we do – the battle must be waged. Lives lost, sacrifices made, and casualties climb in numbers.

But don’t worry – it’ll get worse. But the caveat is this – as it gets worse, for us, God’s people it will actually get BETTER! Closer to heaven! Closer to home! Closer to complete victory over death, hell and the grave!

As David said, “Let God arise, and His enemies be scattered!”

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