Keepin’ it real!

The Trek does not pride itself on buildings, on nice, shiny pulpits or faux-fur padded pews (although that does sound pretty soft!). Rather The Trek is pretty much a down-to-earth atmosphere that teaches the truth – but in softer form.

We don’t let down the message of Apostolic truth, such as Acts 2:38, the Oneness of God, baptism in Jesus’ name and the infilling of the Holy Ghost – but we don’t hound or pound it either. You won’t have yelling or screaming to intimidate or spiritually beating you up. Instead, we lead – we guide – by example and by Word. We do more than just tell you the Word – we show you the Word for yourself.

We figure, if we “talk you into” something, someone else can talk you out of it. So, we rely on the words of Jesus when He said, “The kingdom of God lies within you…” Really. We help to equip and give you the foundation to walk with God. 🙂